Budget for kid's sport?

03 Jul 2018 11:32
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Budget for kid's sport? #1

Me&my wife are trying to increase our savings ratio and we realized that we do pay a lot for our son's (7years old) activities. The current situation is - Ice Hockey twice per week (it's the cheapest sport available), Basketball once per week (son enjoys it), Taekwondo twice per week (coach is doing phenomenal job in teaching self discipline, maturing etc) and Chess twice per week (son loves it somehow). The total price is $500 per month and my wife is mad - we have a toddler and $1000 per month in future isn't an option. Disclaimer - my son is worse than average kid in every sport so we do not have any sport career or scholarship in mind.My point is - the son looks athletic and healthy so we want to keep it but cutting the budget in half would make a lot of sense.Is there any cheaper way to achieve a good mental and physical health for kids? Church sport, boy scouts etc?

Please help

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